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Anaesthetic Drugs
Anesthetic Drugs offered by us are known for their balanced composition, long lasting result and side effects free content. These are administered prior to various surgical procedures. Precise ph value and standard shelf life are their main aspects.
Anti Cancer Medicine
This range of Anti Cancer Medicines is reckoned for its long storage life, long lasting result and instant action. Formulated as per industry specified guidelines, these are suggested to treat multiple myeloma, brain tumor and advanced soft tissue sarcoma.
Sofosbuvir Hepatitis  C Medicine
Sofosbuvir Hepatitis C Medicines are known for their precise formulation, long lasting medicinal value and specific shelf life. These medications are effective in preventing growth of hepatitis C virus. These are usually taken without food.
Pharmaceutical Products
This range of Pharmaceutical Products includes tablet, injection and syrup. These are suggested for patients suffering from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and cancer of different types. Safe to administer, these have balanced formulation.
Skin Care Product
Offered array of Skin Care Products is useful to treat various conditions of complexion. These are prescribed to treat melasma, psoriasis and dryness of skin. These products are also known for their skin brightening and anti aging attributes. 

Specialty Anticancer Medicine
Specialty Anticancer Medicines offered by us are reckoned for their high effectiveness, immediate action and balanced content. These are suggested for patients of multiple myeloma, mantle cell lymphoma and acute lymphoblastic leukemia.
General Pharmaceutical Products
General Pharmaceutical Products provided by us are suggested for chemotherapy patients, for patients suffering from parasitic infections etc. Customers can also avail antibiotic medications under this category. Standard shelf life is one of their main features.
Pharmaceutical Cream  And Ointments
Pharmaceutical creams and ointments treat bacterial infections like pneumonia, respiratory tract, skin infections, and sinusitis. They are macrolide antibiotics, effective against bacteria. Oral administration is advised after consulting a doctor. Caution: Avoid if history of liver disease or jaundice. Tested for therapeutic value, packaging, and lasting effect.
Pharmaceutical Capsules
Pharmaceutical capsules are gelatin-shelled oral medications, like Cefaclor 50mg for infections and 40mg Lomustine for cancer. Dosage varies by condition, requiring strict adherence. They're categorized by drug type, tailored for diverse needs. Storage in a cool, dry place maintains efficacy. Capsules ensure accurate dosing and promote treatment compliance for therapeutic success.
Pharmaceutical Tablets
Pharmaceutical tablets, like Thiamine Hydrochloride 100mg and Acyclovir Tablets 200mg, are solid oral medications with specific dosage guidelines for precise administration. Classified as general medicines, they address diverse medical needs. Strict adherence to dosage instructions is crucial for optimal efficacy. Storage in a cool, dry place maintains potency, ensuring therapeutic success.

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